Selling a home can be daunting, even overwhelming at times, especially if the home is distressed or the owner doesn’t live in Kansas City. KC Property Group makes the process simple and low key. They buy homes for cash with a quick and flexible close date driven by the homeowner’s individual situation.

Andy Lightfoot, Nick Barela and Brooks Mosier of KC Property Group
Andy Lightfoot, Nick Barela and Brooks Mosier of KC Property Group, local Kansas City direct cash house buyers. Photo by Judy Revenaugh

Led by long-time area residents Nick Barela, Andy Lightfoot and Brooks Mosier, KC Property Group was founded on integrity, fairness, and a sense of community. Brooks focuses on marketing and sales, Andy meets with sellers to create an individualized plan to best help them, while Nick is in charge of the construction side of the business. Because their company structure is a team effort, they are able to provide a better level of service than many other as-is home buying companies out there. They pride themselves on forming relationships with home sellers and working together to find a solution that works for all.

“We truly cater to people’s needs. Because of our system, we provide the gap that a traditional transaction with a Realtor can’t cover. We are direct cash house buyers,” said Brooks.

Whether a homeowner inherits an unwanted home, the home needs too many repairs to sell the traditional way, is rental property owned by an out of area owner, or someone is facing foreclosure, KC Property Group spends the time to determine what a seller’s needs are and guides them through a smooth closing and transition.

There is no staging, no open houses, and none of the disruptions that can make listing through typical real estate agents a headache. KC Property Group is the direct source to sell your house for a fair cash price. With complete transparency and honesty, they determine a property’s condition, estimated market value after repairs, and calculate the price accordingly to make it a win-win scenario. There is never any obligation.

Andy, Nick, and Brooks are happy to take the time to talk with sellers at whatever length is needed to make sure the seller is comfortable and the decision is right for all.“If a seller is in a bad situation, we can help them find a way out. We even have someone to help clean out a property. Whether it’s a lifetime of accumulated memories, or even a hoarding situation, we can handle it,” noted Nick.

KC Property Group buys properties as-is, in any condition, and takes care of any contents or trash left behind. Sellers are able to cherry-pick what they want to take with them, and leave behind the rest. Since they are local, they have developed great relationships with title companies and real estate industry professionals. They make it simple to turn your property into cash. They have an easy solution that lets you simply walk away from the burden, cash in hand.

“We have closed deals in as fast as three days, or some have been more than a year later at the seller’s preference,” added Andy. “We also have had a situation where a homeowner needed the funds from the sale to cover moving expenses, so we were able to arrange for them to stay in the property after closing.”

SOURCE: The Kanas City Star