At KC Property Group, our daily goal is to make sure we’re making it easy for people to sell their homes. Beyond that, we strive to make the process a seamless and quick one while ensuring each seller is treated fairly and gets what is a fair price for their home. It is our mission to help those who need help getting rid of a financially burdensome home do so with confidence.

Led by long-time residents, Nick, Andy and Brooks, KC Property Group was founded on integrity, fairness and a sense of community.

KC Property Group holds ourselves to a strict standard of care, enabling each client to enjoy full confidence in the service and attention they receive. Unlike many inexperienced investors, we have cash on-hand and understand the KC real estate market better than most, ensuring you get the most for your property.

With our focus keenly aimed at being a trusted friend in the industry, we strive to be nothing if not personable and honest. We’ve been known to spend hours with a client, working to ensure that they are completely comfortable with their decision to sell and that we’ve done our job to the best of our ability.

Brooks Mosier

Marketing, Sales

Driven by a passion for real estate, Brooks is known for his quick responsiveness to his clients needs as well as his dedication to service. There is little that Brooks won’t do for his client’s satisfaction and uses his years of experience to educate and guide his clients towards a financially-beneficial decision.

Andrew Lightfoot

Acquisition & Operations

As an integral part of KC Property Group, Andy offers a level of personal attention that is rare in the industry. It’s not uncommon for Andy to call past clients just to see how they are doing. That being said, his decade of experience lets customers know he fully understands what he is doing and has the market knowledge needed to make reasonable and fair offers that benefit the client.

Nick Barela

Construction Management

With more than 15 years of real estate experience, Nick is known and respected throughout the region for his knowledge and insight. Looked to for his innate ability to connect with and engage his clients, he’s been known to create friends out of clients as his concern for each is apparent before, during and after the transaction.

Using discretion, respect and transparency, the KC Property Group has helped hundreds of residents enjoy freedom from the financial burden of an unwanted property. Find out more by requesting a free, no-obligation property assessment today.